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"Lynn's experience with autism and special needs has been so valuable to our family.  Her compassion and empathy has truly blessed my life.  Because of her insight, we have accessed support and resources we would never know about.  Somehow, she knew our child would enjoy horseback riding and this is his new happy place."  ~ Gloria P ~


"Lynn is passionate about people living their best life, no matter the support they need to achieve it.  She sets her eye on a goal and gives it her all.  She expects results and gets them.  I have known Lynn and her family for over 10 years.  She is well connected in her community.  She is easy to talk to and connects easily with new people.  I can see this business venture plays to her strengths."  ~Jill B~


"Lynn is a true angel.  The amount of time, energy and care that she has given to our family is invaluable.  Before Lynn's help and guidance we felt lost and confused.  We didn't know where to get the help we needed.  Then we met Lynn.  No matter how overwhelming it felt, Lynn was there every step of the way, giving us the help and advice we needed.  I can never thank Lynn enough for everything she has done for me and my family.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Lynn and the services she offers."  ~Tiffany L~


"As a mother of three children with various specialized needs, Lynn has been able to navigate, interpret and crack the code of supports systems for her children.  If you have hit a speed bump along your journey, connect with Lynn to forge your own path."  ~Jill D~


"I have worked in developmental support services for 22 years, and I have not met anyone as passionate or as dedicated to others as Lynn.  Her tenacity and drive; combined with navigating through the various community, medical, and government systems on behalf of her own children, has resulted in a strong ability to advocate for others. 

Lynn would be an excellent asset to any person's team of supports, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance." ~Jennifer Crilly-Glover~